Meditation Teacher Training

Learn to teach others the joys of meditation. This interactive training will provide the instruction and tools for you to begin!

Teaching can be a doorway to deeper understanding for your own spiritual practices, and helping others to discover meditation is a wonderful gift to give society and your highest Self.

Participants receive 15 CEU hours with Yoga Alliance along with certificate of attendance.

Required text book: “Meditation for Starters” by Swami Kriyananda.
Available in Ananda boutique for $17.95 and includes a 60 min CD


Next course will be Spring 2020. Dates TBD
Please contact us for information. 

Why take this course?

The land of healing lies within, radiant with that happiness blindly sought in a thousand misdirections.”   –  Paramhansa Yogananda

Never has there been, in modern society, a greater need for individuals to learn to rely more on inner than on outer resources. Burn out, depression and stress are but symptoms of a widespread and vital need to build an inner, spiritual life based on the solid foundation of personal experience.

If you are a yoga teacher, a social worker, a student or in any other way interested in inspiring yourself and others with the practice of the ancient science and art of meditation, then this teacher training course is for you.

What basic techniques will you learn?

To the ancient teachings of Self-Realization that he adapted to Western needs, Yogananda contributed with a unique method to increase the awareness of the subtle energies in body and mind, the mastery of which constitutes a core ingredient for meditation.

In this course you will receive knowledge on which this method is built plus exercises that your students can take home to prepare their bodies and minds for meditation.

The core concentration technique you will learn to teach is known as hong sau, a mantra that, when associated with the in-and-outgoing breath, calms the nervous system and the heart beat, freeing the mind for meditation and higher, super-conscious perceptions of peace, calmness, bliss and other higher realities.  


Ample time will be given to each participant to gain actual experience by guiding the group in exercises, meditations and visualizations. Through shared, collective feedback and group discussions we will gain a deeper understanding of the skills needed to be a good meditation teacher.


Testimonials from Students

A very professional  and heart-centered teacher training
which gives a solid foundation to go out and share”

Carol W.

Really enjoyed the energy of the teachers and the knowledge
and wisdom they so freely shared in a beautiful serene setting

Sandra F

Meditation TT gave me the ability and tools to
share the light inside of me to connect with the light in others.
Isabel C.


Friday, Sept 20 – 6:30 – 8:30pm

Saturday, Sept 21 – 9:30am – 3:30pm (Includes lunch)

Sunday, Sept 22 – 1:00 – 4:00pm

Sunday, Sept 29 – 1:00 – 5:00pm

15 hours total

Credits and certificate requirements

Participants receive 15 CEU hours with Yoga Alliance along with certificate of attendance: Course attendance must be complete (all 15 hours; see dates and times above) and the answers to a written exam, sent to the participants via email after the end of the course, must be approved by the trainers.

Other features of this course

-Aspects of consciousness: mind, intellect, ego and feeling, and how they relate to meditation

-How to increase willpower

-The three levels of the mind

– How to build a meditation routine that can be integrated into daily life     

-Guided visualizations

-How to present your classes to a general audience…and much more! 


 Your Instructors:


Maitri Smithhisler RYT 500: Maitri has been part of Ananda since 1987. She came to Ananda Dallas in 1996 after living at Ananda Village in California for 8 years. She serves Ananda as a minister, leading Sunday Services, our special Family Services, and events year round. She has taught yoga and meditation for over 20 years and loves to lead chanting (Kirtan).


Nayaswami Supriya Chadwick:  Supriya is the Spiritual Director of Ananda Dallas.  A minister and lightbearer, she has been on the path of Self-Realization for over 24 years. Trained as an Ananda Yoga® instructor, meditation teacher and Raja Yoga instructor, Supriya has taught yoga and meditation at Ananda Dallas for over 20 years.


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