Massage + Restorative Yoga!

Sunday, December 22   3-5pm

This class will combine elements of a supported restorative yoga class with gentle hands-on massage. Feel stress melt away in this 2 hour session where you will be gently guided into restorative poses with the use of props and breath. The poses will be held for a few moments each, and massage will be offered as we take time in each position.

Experience nourishment of your mind body and soul in this relaxing weekend workshop. Especially needed during the holiday season!

Priya Harris

About Priya Harris

Priya has enjoyed practicing yoga for over 11 years and has been teaching yoga for over 5 years. She began her yoga journey when a friend invited her to a class and she quickly found there was more than just a physical aspect to the practice of yoga. The healing and growth she experienced after starting a regular yoga practice inspired her to become a teacher so that she could share the peace of mind and joy she gained from yoga with others. By incorporating and combining aspects from a variety of modalities she cultivates a unique class experience for every individual. Priya has a heart for service and views her classes as a way to serve others. She allows intuition and experience to guide her in every session to facilitate an open, safe and uplifting environment for all that allows fellow practitioners to gain the tools they need to feel confident, strong, and calm.
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