Ananda Yoga Teacher Training 2020

Every Thursday starting March 12 (summer break) thru November 19th.
Every 2nd weekend Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun (summer break) thru Nov 19th

There’s something unique about Ananda — it is the true heir to East – West yoga, guided by a Self-realized yoga master who showed Westerners a way to combine their wisdom with India’s–beginning exactly 100 years ago. Ananda Yoga has a unique mission to bring this understanding to the world, and many of you have asked when Ananda Dallas would offer Yoga Teacher Training again. That 200 Hour training is now set to launch. 

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Mark Smithhisler

About Mark Smithhisler

Mark Smithhisler has been practicing the teachings of kriya yoga and Self-Realization since becoming a member of Ananda in 1999. An experienced teacher, Mark enjoys sharing the techniques of meditation and yoga philosophy he has found so practical and inspiring in every area of his own life. Mark works as a video producer and often serves Ananda in that role as well.
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