Ananda Yoga Sadhana

Wednesdays    9 – 10:30 am
$15 drop in  / $50 for 4 classes
with Jyoti

A wonderful way to begin or keep up your spiritual practice, this 90-minute sadhana includes the Energization Exercises, pranayama, yoga poses, Chanting, and meditation.

The Energization Exercises were created for the purpose of activating the body cells at the same time balancing the excess energy within us, thus relaxing the body and mind. This unique series of exercises can be done during the day to energize oneself, and at the end of the day for centering and relaxation.

Pranayama is a technique to control the breath. In our day to day lives we often forget to breathe evenly, therefore practicing pranayama helps expel any accumulated carbon dioxide in the body and intake higher amounts of oxygen. Pranayama also helps us harness the flow of prana, life force energy, which enhances our health and mood.

Hatha Yoga is not only a physical exercise but also a union of body, mind and soul. Using breath control while smoothly going in and gradually coming out of yoga poses keeps the mind connected to the physical body. During this time the observer within the body is naturally awakened and if you focus completely you can almost feel the body, the mind, and the soul as separate yet one. As you continue the practice you will eventually feel the separateness dissolve.

Chanting of a mantra or kirtan is a nice way to let go of thoughts in the mind and feel peace. All mantras are made up of sounds that have a higher vibration. One single chanting can stay with you all day.

You will be gently guided into meditation after the chanting. Your mind may or may not come to complete stillness but the beauty of meditation is to accept whatever is and to be in the moment. Allowing your mind and breath to be as is in your meditation; you will find yourself rested, calm and peaceful at the end of the session.

Led by Jyoti Subramanian

Jyoti Subramanian, RYT 200, MTT

About Jyoti Subramanian, RYT 200, MTT

Jyoti is a certified Ananda Yoga teacher, RYT 200. She has been teaching kids yoga, meditation and faith since 2010 and more recently teaching with adults. She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Reiki Master. Jyoti believes there are many ways to heal the body and mind, and one of them is to focus the mind on the breath and body. The more aware we are of ourselves the better we connect the mind and body which enhances the healing processes. Some of her clients like to get private healing sessions during which she uses yoga, massage, chakra healing, reiki and meditation to help the clients.
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