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Texas Yoga Retreat in Austin

October 26 – 28

An Inspirational Weekend Yoga Retreat in Austin.
Discover a community of yoga enthusiasts where you can strengthen your connection with one another, share information and inspiration from all styles and schools of yoga at the Texas Yoga Retreat. (read more…)

Energetic Devotional Kirtan with Maria

Friday, November 9   7 – 8:30pm

Nayaswami Maria will lead this evening of chanting, helping your heart to open and soar in devotion and love. She is one of Ananda’s sweetest chanters, awakening your natural inclinations of divinity. A very special opportunity for all of us to share this powerful practice with a great devotee who shines with God’s light. Don’t miss it!

Love offering suggested: $10 – $25


Experience Higher Consciousness

Saturday, November 10
2 – 5 pm
with Nayaswamis Ananta and Maria McSweeney

Whatever your spiritual path or belief system, whether new to spiritual practice or seasoned, the fundamental steps of spiritual awakening are available to each of us!
Join us in this special day with guest ministers and lightbearers from Ananda Village. 

(read more…)

Guru-Disciple Relationship: Universal Principles for the Spiritual Journey

Sunday November 11,  3 – 5 pm

This class is about understanding higher guidance within and depth of spiritual practices. Whether you are new and simply curious or a disciple, this subject knows no bounds. (read more…)

Meditation Teacher Training Fall 2018

October 12 – 21
Participants receive 14 CEU hours with Yoga Alliance along with certificate of attendance.

Teaching can be a doorway to deeper understanding for your own spiritual practices, and helping others to discover meditation is a wonderful gift to give society and your highest Self.

(read more…)

Online Satsang with Ananda Teachers and Leaders

Monthly – 
Next Satsang – Wed, Nov 14, 8 – 9 pm CST

with Nayaswamis Daiva and Gangamata Glazzard
Spiritual Directors of Ananda Portland

Enjoy inspirational talks, chanting and meditation with Ananda Leaders and Teachers. (read more…)

The Art & Science of Raja Yoga: Chakras

Saturday, Oct 27, 10:30 – 3 pm
All are welcome to join in this fascinating class

Most of us are familiar with yoga postures; however this is only the outward physical expression of the inner reality of yoga -that of the energy body, which holds the key not only to our well-being but also to our spiritual upliftment and transformation. (read more…)

Gratitude Ceremony for Seva Yogis

Saturday, Nov 17  6-7:30  pm
(change in date)
Love donation

Seva” is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment. In ancient India seva was believed to help one’s spiritual growth. (read more…)

Discover Your Highest Self through Meditation

New Classes Every Month!
Truthseekers of all paths welcome.
Discover your highest potential.

FREE Classes: Introduction to Meditation
Saturday, Nov 3,  12 – 1 pm
Sunday, Dec 2, 12 – 1 pm

Reduce Stress and Find Inner Peace –  2 Wk series
Wednesdays, Dec 5 and 12, 6:30 – 8 pm

Next Meditation Intensive Workshops:
Wednesday, Nov 14, 6:30 – 9 pm

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