The Chakras: Understanding the Anatomy of Yoga

Saturday, October 26
10:30 am – 3:30 pm
Led by Mark and Maitri Smithhisler

At the heart of yoga is a science based on the experience of the unseen. The techniques used by the yoga practitioner to unlock the wonders of this unseen reality, work on a system we call the energy body.

The eastern methodologies of acupuncture and martial arts rely on this same “unseen” system. Conventional science is also now starting to catch up and take more seriously the subtle reality of our bodies as energy systems.

In this class we explore this system which includes an understanding of the chakras (energy body) system as well the even more esoteric but key to our ultimate feeling of well being and connection: the inner channels of the energy spine in relation to the kundalini energy.

It is an experiential class that helps ground your understanding of this system in your own body to make it a practical reality. Learn and experience ways you can look through a new lens and influence not only your physical well-being but consciousness itself.

Cost:  $40
A light vegetarian lunch is included.

Mark and Maitri Smithhisler

About Mark and Maitri Smithhisler

Maitri and Mark Smithhisler are both longtime practitioners of Kriya Yoga and members of Ananda Dallas. Matiri is a registered yoga teacher,(E-RYT500) and Ananda minister who came to Ananda Dallas in 1996 after living at Ananda Village in California for 8 years. She has taught yoga and meditation for over twenty years and also loves to lead chanting (kirtan.) Mark is a certified meditation teacher and particularly enjoys sharing how science and the ancient teachings of yoga relate to one another.
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