Sound Healing Women’s Retreat Restorative

Saturday, March 3,  9am – 3pm
$90 includes lunch

Join us for a day long women’s retreat to nurture the feminine within you. Yoga, meditation, satsang and lunch, followed by an amazing journey into sound and relaxation with restorative yoga and Gong Therapy. 

In these times of masculine “yang” energy that we live in, we need to take time to slow down, breathe deep and support a loving open heart.

This day long retreat will start with yoga and meditation, followed by lunch and satsang, then the afternoon will be a nourishing and restorative 2-hr immersive sound healing journey presented by Sundari Allampudi.

The last half hour will be a Gong Therapy session where Sundari will use multiple Gongs and create an amazing session of Gong Therapy. We will combine this with restorative yoga postures for a completely relaxing and healing experience!
Feel free to bring your favorite blanket, eye pillow, and any other comfort item to help you reach that place of total relaxation. Other restorative yoga props will be provided.Heal the body/mind, raise your consciousness with immersive sound healing and yoga!
Cost is $90 and includes lunch.

9-10:30am Hatha Yoga with Lynn Absher
10:30–11:30 chanting and meditation
11:30-12:00 toning at the chakras
12- 1:00 lunch and satsang
1-3 Sound healing journey

Lynn Absher is a certified yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance since 2003. She has had a passion for yoga from the time she took her very first class and loves to explore the dynamic between will and surrender while practicing poses slowly, with intention and awareness, holding them long enough to energize and rejuvenate every area of the body.

Sundari Allampudi (known to her family and friends as Tripu) is a Sound Healing Practitioner trained under the world renowned Sound Healing pioneer, Jonathan Goldman. Sundari has been working with and using sound and light from the past 20 years for manifesting intended goals, both spiritual and material. She comes with a vast experience in using sound to bring a transformational change in enhancing the state of the mind, body or spirit.

Maitri Smithhisler has been part of Ananda since 1987. She came to Ananda Dallas in 1996 after living at Ananda Village in California for 8 years. She serves Ananda as a minister, leading Sunday Services, our special Family Services, and events year round, She has taught yoga and meditation for 20 years and loves to lead chanting (Kirtan).

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