New Leadership for Ananda Dallas 2018

June 2017

Dear Friends,

We have exciting news to share with you. Finally, after a three-year journey of expansion, Ananda Dallas is realizing the second phase of our vision of bringing new leadership to our community , created together during our community charrette back in January 2014. 

Some of you may remember originally this positon was going to be assumed by Darshan, from Ananda Assisi. Please see his letter below addressing the community on his decision to remain in Assisi for the time being.

Instead though, we are so happy to announce that Ram Smith, Ananda Lightbearer, and his wife, Dikshini Koos-Smith, will be moving to Dallas from Ananda LA in early 2018 to assume the leadership roles for Ananda Dallas.

The journey has been long and winding in our search for new leadership, but for those of you who haven’t yet met Ram and Dikshini, we feel confident you will find them an amazing fit and real inspiration for our Ananda Dallas community. They will be visiting us twice more before their relocation. Come meet them during the June 17-18 weekend. Ram will be leading kirtan as well as one of the main speakers at Yoga Fest and giving Sunday service. They will also be back at Christmas time to share with us then.

We are truly blessed to say when one door closes another opens.

We hope you will join us in welcoming this wonderful couple to Ananda Dallas AND welcoming back Darshan for two months this fall as well!

Dear Ananda Dallas Spiritual Family,

I have accepted an invitation by the Ananda Dallas Board of Directors to move to Dallas and become the next Spiritual Director.  My wife, Eva Koos-Smith (Tyagi Dikshini) and I are planning to relocate from Los Angeles to Dallas at the beginning of 2018. We are excited about this new adventure by serving with ya’ll in Texas!

Forty years ago, I came to the teachings of Self-Realization as taught by our guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. Born in Los Angeles, I was 24 years old when I started studying  the SRF lessons in January 1977 and attending the Hollywood Church. Not long after the start of taking The Lessons, I was guided inwardly, by Guruji , to leave Los Angeles and move to the Ananda Village in August of that year. It was a great blessing  to find my spiritual family at Ananda and Swami Kriyanandaji during the start of my second Jupiter return.

Swamiji  brought  me into Ananda’s spiritual work quickly by asking me to be a part of the Joy Singers Group in December 1978 and to travel with him on a nationwide lecture tour, promoting his newly released autobiography, The Path. I have fond memories of visiting Dallas, Austin and Houston with Swamiji  and a team of long time Ananda members.  Meeting sincere souls living in Texas  was a thrill for me as I felt a heart to heart connection immeditately. I love the spirit of the Texans! Your dynamic energy and attitude toward manifesting something, out of nothing, has been an example of the evolution of Ananda Dallas over the years.  

Dikshini and I look forward in being a part of your spiritual community in Texas. We plan to jump in swimming with ya’ll in the cool waters of God and Guru’s Bliss! Master said, “God is helping God! That is the nature of this drama of creation!” We look forward in working with you all and helping to spread The Ananda Work in Texas! We are inspired by every body’s dedication, that has been tested over the years in the fires of difficulties.  It has not been easy to arrive at this point in the center’s development. Especially, I‘d  like to thank Supriya and the Ananda Dallas Board of Directors for all that they continue to do in maintaining,  developing , and directing the multifarious activities of Ananda Dallas. I look forward to working with Supriya, and everyone on the board, so we can inspire each other on the journey back to ourselves into The One Mighty Source of All That Is.

Swamiji writes a key message for us all in his song, Many Hands Make a Miracle, “Let’s all join hands together…Life is so wonderful when people laugh, and dance and struggle as friends then all their dreams achieve their ends!” The greatest miracle is our personal transformation of our hearts, through meditation and service, so that we might become like Christ! May we inspire each other on our journey of Self-Realization and to become one in God’s Light someday!

Blessings and Joy,

Tyagi Ram (Robert Smith)


Dear Ananda Dallas family,

Our friendship and cooperation started some time ago, I believe in 2014, when I met the Smithhislers in Oregon, after not having seen Maitri for many years.

There was immediately a mutual enthusiasm about the idea of working together and since then I’ve had the great joy of serving in your community during two summer seasons and of spending one Christmas with you. In my heart I cherish very fond memories of those periods and of each one of you.

Then the idea came of me coming to Texas for a much longer period to serve Yogananda’s work and you all. I accepted the idea, thinking that my children by that then would be old enough.

Yet, as the time for more concrete commitments in this direction came, I began to feel increasingly uneasy about the idea of leaving Europe for such a long time, mainly for two reasons: I observed my two boys and realized it was really too early for their father to be so far away from them; and my aging mother, who is beginning to show signs of dementia, which entails a lot of uncertainty and practical arrangements to be made which I cannot leave to be done by my sisters’ alone.

As it became clear both for the board and for me, that for now a permanent commitment to further building Ananda Dallas was not yet to be for me, Ram appeared.

This immediately reconciled me with the idea of not being able to come and to continue my service in Ananda Sangha here in Europe, for the time being.

For I have known Ram since 1985, when we first met in Como Italy and have felt deep friendship and great respect for him ever since. Both he and Dikshini will bring a lot of Master’s grace, power and fun to the Ananda Dallas family which, through their cooperation with you all, will greatly expand.

As to confirm the continuation of our friendship and common goals, it has been arranged for me be with you all in Dallas for a longer period of almost two months in the fall from mid October to  early December. Personally I feel overjoyed, honored and grateful that this has been made possible.

Together with the Ananda Dallas Board we are creating dynamic programs during my stay, both for outreach and for satsang. The main theme I have proposed is “Building Spiritual Power in Troubled Times.” Within that main theme I’ll develop workshops and activities, for adults, families and children. 

Thus I hope we can give each other satsang and dive deep into Master’s liberating teachings.

I hope to see you all, with your friends, on those occasions and in the meantime my prayer for you is that you deepen your service to this work. Swami’s grace is abundantly there and waiting for willing instruments to be channeled to Dallas and the South at large. Miracles will happen as more people renew their commitment to serving and to studying and practicing these teachings for the new era: joy and freedom will be yours and you will be able to share them with others.

With deep love for each one of you, in Master’s light,



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