Nayaswamis Ananta and Maria coming soon!

November 9 – 12
Save the dates for this rare visit!

Nayaswamis Ananta and Maria McSweeney, of Ananda Village, will be visiting Ananda Dallas in November and offering fun satsang, inspirational events and classes, in addition to Sunday Service. Don’t miss this very special opportunity to be with these great devotees. 

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Nayaswamis Ananta and Maria McSweeney

About Nayaswamis Ananta and Maria McSweeney

Visiting ministers and teachers Ananta and Maria McSweeney have lived and served at Ananda for more than 40 years. Working closely with Swami Kriyananda and under his direction, they founded the Sacramento, California Ananda community and served there as community leaders for 23 years. Now living at Ananda Village, Ananta and Maria serve on the farm and in membership, teaching, and ministry.
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