Monks visiting from Ananda Village

Friday Aug 16, Saturday Aug 17,  Sunday Aug 18 

Two Ananda monks, Brahmacharya Jitendra and Brahmacharya Prashad, are visiting Dallas in August and we invite you to join us for a weekend of satsang, inspiring music and exploring the teachings together. 

Friday:  Kirtan
Saturday:  Becoming a Channel for Divine Healing Power Workshop
Sunday:  Service and Community Swim and Potluck
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About Brahmacharya Prashad

Brahmachari Prashad is a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and a member of the monastery at Ananda Village. He serves at Ananda Sangha Worldwide maintaining and supporting its diverse set of websites. A lifelong musician, he has also found a calling in singing, playing and sharing Swami Kriyananda’s music. He has felt the deeply transforming power of Kriyananda’s music in his own spiritual life and offers that insight when sharing with others. He has a sensitive awareness of the divine inspiration behind the music and how it can serve as an instrument of inner awakening.

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