Mapping Your Inner Landscapes with Sound

Saturday, Dec 8   2 – 4 pm
Please register by Dec 4

In this 2 hr workshop Sundari will help facilitate the participants to take a journey to map their inner landscapes and reveal the Spiritually potent You. In this workshop participants will use Toning, and Peruvian Whistling vessels to prepare for the Inner journey. Then Sundari will create an Immersive Sound Spa using various healing sound instruments to help participants explore and map their inner landscapes and rediscover ones’ hidden treasures. This last segment will be a guided Inner Landscape journey enhanced by the vibratory nature of the healing sounds instruments.

Please wear comfortable clothes, keep fully hydrated, bring hand sanitizers, bring any comfort personal items like – Yoga mats/eye pillows, neck pillows, throws and blankies.  Sundari will provide alcohol wipes to use with Peruvian whistling vessels to sanitize them before/during and after using them.

Minimum registration 12
Cost:  $50

Tripu Allampudi

About Tripu Allampudi

Sundari Allampudi (known to her family and friends as Tripu) is blessed with a familial background in Sanskrit (Ancient Scriptural language of India) and a Sanskrit scholar and a scientist for a father; she has combined a scientific approach to ancient traditions. By sharing information, knowledge and techniques, that are timelessly valuable, Sundari helps open her audiences’ modern minds to the myriad possibilities on how to effectively apply such ancient techniques in day to day life to manifest that which our minds have set sights upon. Sundari is also a Sound Healing Practitioner trained under the world renowned Sound Healing pioneer, Jonathan Goldman. Sundari has been working with and using sound and light from the past 20 years for manifesting intended goals, both spiritual and material. She comes with a vast experience in using sound to bring a transformational change in enhancing the state of the mind, body or spirit. In addition, she is certified in Sacred Geometry energy healing modalities and helps to rearrange the body’s energetics for optimizing and strengthening the magnetic fields surrounding us. Sundari also holds a certificate in Health Touch Program working towards more advance levels of certification. Her passion and mission in life is – Bring Sound healing practices to alleviate the sufferings of the Mind, Body and Spirit of all, whose lives she touches, thereby bringing Balance, Resonance, and perfect health so that each of us reaches our fullest potential in the Here and Now.
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