FREE Classes: Introduction to Meditation

Upcoming Classes:
Sat,  Sept 7, 11am – 12pm
Sat, Oct 5, 11am – 12pm
Sat, Nov 2, 11am – 12pm
Sat, Dec 7, 12pm – 1pm

Why is meditation gaining recognition and popularity across the world?Because meditation is the perfect tool for us to reclaim balance, inner peace and connection to our true nature.

In a world where hyperstimulation and increasing complexity pulls our energy ever outward, meditation takes us within. 

You will be led through fundamental meditation techniques to calm the breath, quiet the mind, release tension and experience a deep inner peace. Our teachers are experienced and are here to help you discover how meditation can help in every aspect of life.

Preregistration is appreciated but not required for this Free class. Drop-ins are welcome.


Supriya Chadwick

About Supriya Chadwick

Supriya Chadwick served as director of Ananda Dallas for nearly 15 years. She now serves in the role of spiritual director and teacher. Supriya continues to find Joy in teaching beginning and advanced meditation classes, Hatha & Raja Yoga and various workshops to both experienced and beginning students on their spiritual path.
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