New Year Kirtan with Darshan
Jan 11 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
New Year Kirtan with Darshan @ Ananda Dallas Yoga and Meditation Center | Addison | Texas | United States

Evening of devotional chanting led by visiting minister, Darshan, from Ananda Assisi along with a whole band of kirtaneers!
Children are welcome to come with parents for any or all of the evening.

Preregistration is appreciated, but not required. 

Love offering of $10 – $25 is suggested to support Darshan’s visit to America. 

A Healthy Yogic Lifestyle
Jan 19 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
A Healthy Yogic Lifestyle @ Ananda Dallas Meditation and Yoga Center

How do we define health, is it the same for everyone? Is health simply a matter of weight or is there more to it. What does it mean to be healthy and why should we take steps toward health and what are those steps?

In this meaningful 4 hour seminar I will share with you the essential 7 Pillars of Health. As an in-depth, integrated approach, we will uncover our unique Ayurvedic Constitutions and learn how to eat right for them. We will learn how to apply taste therapy, and the law of opposites. We will explore a deeper understanding of the relationship between agni and ama as well as proper food combining. We will also review Ayurvedic Rejuvenation and Cleansing techniques.

Together we will profoundly explore mindful eating practices and learn how to take “A Sacred Pause.” We will study the importance of using the breath for health (pranayama), good sleep hygiene (nidra), and proper exercise (vyayama); all of which reduce stress, drastically lowering the effects of inflammation which is now considered by most health experts to be the single greatest contributor to disease.
When 80% of Americans’ doctor visits are for chronic health care challenges caused by diet, lifestyle, and stress, is there something we can do to take control of our health futures? Who is responsible for our health?

During this unique discussion, I will share with you valid and practical healthcare principles, tools and techniques designed for your individual body, mind, lifestyle, and temperament.

Namaste, Michael

Online Satsang with Ananda Teachers and Leaders
Feb 13 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Enjoy inspirational talk, chanting and meditation with Ananda Leaders and Teachers.

Just log in, put the headset on and enjoy online satsang from the comfort of your home. Save the environment by not driving. Get in tune with the Ananda Leaders and Teachers.

Join Zoom Meeting

One tap mobile

+1 669 900 6833,, 233 646 931# US (San Jose)

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Feb 13, 2019 7:30 PM

Rose Neal, Ananda Portland Minister and Education for Life Teacher

    Topic:  Spiritual Courage   









       Mar 13, 2019 7:30 PM- TBD

        Apr 10, 2019 7:30 PM- TBD

        May 8, 2019 7:30 PM- Nayaswamis Pranaba and Parvati Hansen of Ananda Village

        Jun 12, 2019 7:30 PM- TBD

        Jul 10, 2019 7:30 PM- TBD

        Aug 14, 2019 7:30 PM – TBD

        Sep 11, 2019 7:30 PM – TBD

Journey through the Chakras: Path to Enlightenment
Mar 16 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Journey through the Chakras: Path to Enlightenment @ Ananda Dallas Yoga and Meditation Center | Dallas | Texas | United States

It all begins with a brief 10 min Introduction about these Energy Centers (CHAKRAS) in our body ….
Then, it’s all “EXPERIENTIAL” ~ starting at the base chakra and working our way up to the crown.
We will be guided through gentle yoga postures, affirmations @ each chakra, chanting AUM up & down the Energy spine, and visualizations/meditations at each chakra.
The result is Inner Peace & Joy!

 Please note all workshops and classes are non-refundable. Credit for future classes can be applied to account if at least a 24 hr notice is received. Thank you.


Chanting and Harmonium Workshop
Apr 7 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Chanting and Harmonium Workshop @ Ananda Dallas Meditation Center | Addison | Texas | United States

Yogananda said, “chanting is half the battle”. For many of us it more than half the battle!Learn to use the harmonium and win the battle and open your heart.

Often chanting is a technique that we don’t fully appreciate until we start our own personal practice of chanting. Hard to do if you do not get some basic instruction on an instrument that typically accompanies chanting. The harmonium is the traditional chanting instrument of yogis.

In this class, we will go over the basics of chanting, become familiar with the harmonium, as well as learn two simple chants. It is a hands-on workshop. If you have a harmonium, please bring it. We will have a number of harmoniums on hand to practice with. If you have already come to a previous workshop, we will take you the next step!

Class size is limited to 5 people.

ANANDA DALLAS @ Cosmic Yogi Festival in Addison
Apr 20 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

A Movement for all Yogis to Unite

Come Join Us at the Cosmic Yogi FestivalSaturday, April  20!

Come spend hours or all day!
ANANDA DALLAS will have a booth.
Supriya & Maitri offer a workshop: Chanting @ Chakras.

All day long FREE: 3-4 classes/mini-seminars per hour
Aerial yoga, goat & puppy yoga, adults/kids, traditional classes, meditation, pilates, drumming, dance, chanting, essential oils, henna, food trucks, 70 vendors, on & on…

Details & Buy Tickets:

General admission tickets online in advance: $5

To volunteer to work in the Ananda booth, Email:

Where’s My Owner’s Manual?! Living Life with Three Bodies
May 11 @ 10:30 am – 5:30 pm
Where’s My Owner’s Manual?! Living Life with Three Bodies @ Ananda Dallas Yoga and Meditation Center

This workshop is offered as an experiential exploration of truths about living a dynamic life in authentic happiness.

Authentic happiness is not that which arises from outward rewards or desires being met, but instead one that arises from being present with our highest nature, unconditioned by outward circumstance. Imagine understanding how to better work with the human condition.

Did you know that there IS an owner’s manual?! It is the path of Yoga – not simply asana practice, but the all-encompassing path of royal (raja) yoga. In this series we will explore the wisdom and guidance that the yoga Master, Paramhansa Yogananda, brought to the West. Living a life with three bodies! This sounds rather supernatural. But it is nothing of the sort. We have each come into this world with three bodies; a causal, an astral body and a physical body. The physical body gets a lot of attention, but living a life identified with the physical body results in continual relapses of misery and perpetual suffering. By better understanding the nature of our creation, we can learn how to work with all three bodies and ultimately retrace our steps back to our source: the journey of Self-realization. 

In this all-day workshop, we will explore the three bodies with an emphasis on the aspects of the astral body (responsible for all perception and action in this world) and the link between the body and “mind.” We will explore how the practices of yoga-asana, energization exercises (Yogananda’s unique contribution to the path of yoga) and the meditation technique of Hong Sau relate to the three bodies. This workshop will be relaxed and deeply interactive. Introspective exercises will relate the teachings to your personal life and inspire conversation and sharing. 

Whether you are a disciple of Yogananda and a practitioner of his techniques, or whether you are simply curious about what Yogananda contributed to the yogic science, this workshop will both inform and inspire. This will be an experiential class and is open to any sincere seeker.

*Join Niranjana on Friday night, 6 – 7 pm
Sri Yukestwar’s birthday satsang and meditation 

*Join Niranjana on Sunday 10 –  11:30 am for Sunday Service
and 11:30 – 1:30 pm 
for a community vegetarian potluck and a presentation on the Living Discipleship program at Ananda Village where gurubhais take their spiritual life to a MUCH deeper level!

Your Instructor:
Niranjana Kushler E-RYT200, RYT 500

Niranjana is an Ananda minister and Lightbearer. She has lived in Ananda communities, founded on the teachings of Paramhanasa Yogananda, for 23 years. Throughout this period she has practiced the teachings of Yogananda and has shared the techniques through various classes and immersion programs.

A teacher at heart, Niranjana shares the insights gained from her personal practice and from the wisdom disseminated through the Ananda lineage of Avatars.

Niranjana’s teaching style is lighthearted and dynamic. Put your notepads down as she asks you to discover and feel that which you already know. You will find yourself relaxing, and sinking into a place of understanding that transcends the intellect. Niranjana is compassionate to the human experience. In her teaching and counseling she focuses on gently guiding souls from body-bound consciousness to an understanding of their innate wholeness and divine nature. An adjunct to the science of yoga, Niranjana has studied Ayurveda and applies this wisdom science to life style and Hatha yoga practices.


Chanting, Potluck and House Blessing
Jul 7 @ 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Chanting, Potluck and House Blessing @ Please contact us for details

This is a family-friendly evening to end the 4th of July weekend by gathering together to bless the new home of one of our community members.

After chanting and blessing the dwelling, we will enjoy a vegetarian pot luck. Bring something to add to the food buffet if you can.

Casual evening ~ family/friends of all ages welcome!

Please contact us for address and directions. 

Discipleship Explored
Jul 14 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Discipleship Explored @ Ananda Dallas

We have a divine potential within us-we are the perfect soul. So it is part of the Divine Law to show us that which we can become. That is the goal of the guru…
                                     Swami Kriyananda

We are living in an age where the thought of discipleship is not pleasing to most people…does everyone need a guru? How can you recognize your own guru? What does it mean to be a disciple? What is the meaning of discipleship?

Stemming from Latin origins, the word disciple relates to “pupil or student” but it comes from the roots “to learn” and “to take hold of or grasp”. In this two class series, we will explore how discipleship relates to the spiritual journey and the role of teachers and teachings.

No matter what path you choose, this class will give participants a clear understanding of the concept of discipleship and what it entails. At the end students will also be given the opportunity to consider taking discipleship for the path of Kriya Yoga. Discipleship is a prerequisite and necessary step toward Kriya initiation.

$30 for two classes
required text: Handbook on Discipleship by Swami Kriyananda
prerequisite class for aspiring Kriya Yoga initiates

Please note all workshops and classes are non-refundable. Credit for future classes can be applied to account if at least a 24 hr notice is received. Thank you.

Becoming a Channel of Divine Healing Power
Aug 17 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

~”The channel is blessed by what flows through it” ~

Learn how to open yourself to the unlimited supply of Divine Intelligence and Healing Light in order to invoke healing within and around you and gain the understanding of how to send healing to others in need. This experiential workshop will include guided exercises to practice the ancient healing techniques brought by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the Autobiography of a Yogi.

Join us in a weekend of prayer, meditation, chanting and music to transform your consciousness.  Led by our friends from Ananda Village, Brahmacharya Jitendra and Brahmacharya Prashad.

Workshop Includes:
* The Law of Divine Healing
* Understanding energy and how to use it to invoke healing.
* How to uplift & expand your consciousness.
* Learning how to send healing from a distance.
* How to channel the Divine Light.
* The healing power of thought
* Using music as a way of healing.

Cost includes lunch.  choose to pay $60 – $70 – or $80

Registration is required by Aug 15 for food planning. 

About Brahmacharya Prashad
Brahmachari Prashad is a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and a member of the monastery at Ananda Village. He serves at Ananda Sangha Worldwide maintaining and supporting its diverse set of websites. A lifelong musician, he has also found a calling in singing, playing and sharing Swami Kriyananda’s music. He has felt the deeply transforming power of Kriyananda’s music in his own spiritual life and offers that insight when sharing with others. He has a sensitive awareness of the divine inspiration behind the music and how it can serve as an instrument of inner awakening.


Please note all workshops and classes are non-refundable. Credit for future classes can be applied to account if at least a 24 hr notice is received. Thank you.

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