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About Maya Patel

I come from a cultural heritage where yoga originated. Having been raised in India I am no stranger to yoga and its physical, mental and at a spiritual level benefits. I started practicing yoga two decades ago and started teaching 10 years ago. My teaching style is based on my heritage and inspired by Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. My style has been cultivated by my own experiences as a yoga practitioner and yoga instructor. I have been influenced by other instructors and incorporated elements into my teaching the feedback provided by my students. I am a mother of two wonderful children, wife of a caring husband, and surrounded by big family and many great friends. My friends say that I am one of the most vivacious people out there. I am passionate about yoga and an artist by trade. I also love cooking vegetarian dishes, organic gardening, painting, trekking, and all outdoors activities. I love travelling to new adventures. One of my memorable trips, my husband and I trekked throughout the Himalayas.

Hatha Yoga with Maya

New Class!  Mondays beginning Oct 2,  6 – 7 pm through Dec 18 $10 Hatha yoga session includes all traditional asana and postures.

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Gentle Yoga with Maya

Fridays, beginning Oct 6,  5:30 – 6:30 pm through Dec 18 $10 Gentle yoga is perfect for beginners. It is suitable for students who have limited flexibility, limited mobility and who prefer to stretch without too much exertion.    

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