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Living Wisdom Learning Center serves children and their families of all ages with classes, guidance, support and community. Centered on the principles of Education for Life, an educational system that integrates academic achievement with a deeper and more holistic focus on maturity, defined as the ability to relate appropriately to realities different from one’s own.  It balances curriculum excellence with a supportive and nurturing environment. Families gain the community support necessary to raise smart, happy, confident, caring children.

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Our Learning Center provides an inspiring and rich educational experience for children and their families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We focus on academia that is high quality and effective while also seeing the children as whole with a great potential to learn and grow. Our focus is to provide students with a balanced education with the tools of maturity:  body, feelings, will and intellect, in preparation for using life’s diverse challenges to discover deeper levels of purpose, meaning and happiness. Our philosophies and practices are to bring out each individual’s unique strengths, curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Our focus on family-centered learning empowers all members not only to thrive in this environment and at home but also to expand their consciousness to encompass the community and the world at large. We understand the current education crisis and support families who have decided to take personal responsibility in the educating and bringing up their children. We support you in family-centered education, working with children’s wholeness, developing the ability to absorb, understand, integrate, engage, express and apply information and knowledge intelligently with purpose and soul.

Our vision does not stop with academia and wholeness for children but also supports parents, teachers, and schools with comprehensive principles of Education for Life, not limited to education pursuits but applicable to all areas of life because it’s all connected and relative within the wholeness of life.

The Living Wisdom Learning Center partners with our local family support network, Families for a New Tomorrow, and is an extension of the Living Wisdom Schools and Education for Life

  • Yearly registration fee per family $30.
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